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Selected Publications

* denotes equal contribution, ** denotes co-corresponding authors


Pharmacology of LRRK2 with type I and II kinase inhibitors revealed by cryo-EM
Zhu H, Hixson P, Ma W** and Sun J**. Cell Discovery, 10:10, 2024

Structural basis of human NOX5 activation
Cui C*, Jiang M*, Jain N*, Das S, Lo Y, Kermani A, Pipatpokai T** and
Sun J**.  Nature Communications, 15: 3994, 2024. 


Rab29-dependent asymmetrical activation of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2.
Zhu H
*, Tonelli F*, Turk F, Prescott A, Alessi D and Sun J. Science, 382: 1404-1411, 2023.

Human IFT-A complex structures provide molecular insights into ciliary transport
Jiang M, Palicharla VR, Miller D, Hwang SH, Zhu H, Hixson P, Mukhopadyay S** and Sun J**. Cell Research, 33: 288-298, 2023. 



Structural basis of DNA polymerase θ mediated DNA end joining. 
Li C*, Zhu H*, Jin S
, Maksoud LM, Jain N, Sun J**, Gao Y**. Nuclear Acids Research, 2022. 

Structural basis of human LRRK2 membrane recruitment and activation (preprint of 2023 Science by Zhu H, et al.)
Zhu H, Tonelli F, Alessi DR, Sun J. BioRxiv, 2022. 

Structural basis of human ghrelin receptor signaling by ghrelin and the synthetic agonist ibutamoren.
Liu H, Sun D, Myasnikov A, Damian M, Baneres J, Sun J**, Zhang C**. Nature Communications 12:6410, 2021.
Structural analysis of the full-length human LRRK2.
Myasnikov A*, Zhu H*, Hixson, P, Xie B, Yu K, Pitre A, Peng J, Sun J. Cell 184:3519–3527, 2021.
Structures of mouse DUOX1–DUOXA1 provide mechanistic insights into enzyme activation and regulation.
Sun J. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 27:1086–1093, 2020

before 2020

Structural Basis of Human KCNQ1 Modulation and Gating.

Sun J and MacKinnon R. Cell 180:340-347.e9, 2020.

Cryo-EM Structure of a KCNQ1/CaM Complex Reveals Insights into Congenital Long QT Syndrome.

Sun J and MacKinnon R. Cell 169(6): 1042-1050, 2017.

Allosteric Activation of Ubiquitin-Specific Proteases by β-Propeller Proteins UAF1 and WDR20.

Li H, Lim KS, Kim H, Hinds TR, Jo U, Mao H, Weller CE, Sun J, Chatterjee C, D’Andrea AD, Zheng N. Molecular Cell 63:1-12, 2016.

Molecular Mechanism Underlying the Plant NRT1.1 Dual-Affinity Nitrate Transporter.

Sun J** and Zheng N**. Frontiers in Physiology 6(386) 2015

Crystal Structure of the Plant Dual-affinity Transporter NRT1.1.

Sun J, Bankston JR, Hinds TR, Payandeh J, Zagotta WN, and Zheng N. Nature 507(7490): 73-77, 2014. 

Prokaryotic Expression of Active Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 1.

Zhou Q, Sun J, Zhai Y, and Sun F. Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics 37(1): 56-62, 2008


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